Christy Ring
(1920 - 1979)

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Ring in hells kitchen against Waterford,
 in one of the best goalkeeping pictures ever taken.

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"Keep your eye on the ball, even when its in the ref's pocket"

Songs about Christy Ring
The Glen's Armour Car
by Val Dorgan.

Seamus Bannon of Tipp one day we were told
Was the greatest mid-fielder e'er hurley to hold.
But he fell by the wayside like all other men,
When he met with the Armour Car of the Glen.

With me faldidi addidee, faldidi addidee,
Master of all was our own Christy Ring.

A game it took place, in famed Limerick town.
The band led the players the field once around.
Now the game opened up Bannon struck a great ball,
From fifty yards twixt the post it did fall.
First-blood to Bannon from the crowd brought a cheer,
For fifty-odd minutes after 'twas Ringie was there.
The Tipp man went this way the Cork man went that,
Bannon was the mouse and Ringie was the cat
Tipp's win over Cork in the records you'll find,
But the greatness of one man will live in our minds.
Such poetry of movement and sweetness of stroke
In the eyes of each man a bright light awoke.
Now once more to Limerick this famed hurling team,
The likes of this Tipp team there never was seen.
Met once more with the Corkmen but this you all know,
Overconfidence cost them their four-in-a-row.
The Tipp crowd converging on Limerick that day,
Were certain of wiping that record away.
But leaving that night sure no cup did they bear,
The man that they blamed, a left half forward fair.
Jack Lynch was a stylist and Mackey was cute,
Pat Stakelum could drive them and Rackard could shoot.
Roll them all in together and what do you find?
The Glen's Armour Car sir, the great master mind

A Song For Christy Ring

by Brian McNamara.
(air of Old Skibbereen)

Come gather round me boys tonight and raise your glasses high,
Come Rockies, Barrs and Rovers stars, let welcome hit the sky,
Let bonfires blaze in heroes praise, let Shannon echoes fling,
For homeward bound with hurling crown comes gallant Christy Ring.

So all you hurlers from the Nore, you lads from Corrib's side,
From Garryowen gay and bold with Tipp's own men beside,
You may have hurlers straight and tall who can a caman swing
But whose the name can play the game with Cork's own Christy Ring.

When we were young we read in school in the days of old,
The young Setanta showed his worth with shield and spear of gold,
As hurling hard on royal sward he'd hurling heroes fling,
My soul today, he'd yield the sway if he met Christy Ring.

A heal to faithful Wexford boys, to the Rackards and their team,
Should Cork surrender Ireland's crown may victory on them gleam,
John Kelly's name we hold in fame - of '98 we sing,
But Slaney's plan must find a man to equal Christy Ring.

How oft I've watched him from the Hill move here and there in grace,
In Cork, Killarney, Thurles town or by the Shannon's race,
"Now Cork is bet; the hay is saved!" the thousands wildly sing-
They speak too soon, my sweet garsun, for here comes Christy Ring.

When age has gained this warior brave, when ended is the fight,
And o'er the hearth he hangs at last his stick and trophies bright,
Come counties all both great and small who boast a hurling King,
Can one tonight hold candlelight to Cork's own Christy Ring?.

Honors that Christy Ring Won

All Irelands Senior Hurling Championships -
8 medals:
1941, '42, '43, '44, 46,
'52, '53, '54.

National Hurling League -
4 medals:
1940, '41, '48, '53.

 Munster Senior Championship -
9 medals:
1942, '43, '44, '46, '47, '52, '53, '54, '56.

 All Ireland Minor Hurling -
2 medals:
1937, '38.

Glen Rovers -
14 medals:
1941, '44, '45, '48, '49, '50, '53,
54, '58, '59, '60, '62, '64, '67.

St. Nicholas -
1 medal:

Cloyne -
1 medal
: 1939.

- 2 medals:
1938, '39.




Railway Cup -
18 medals:
1942, '43, '44, '45, '46, '48, '49, '50, '51,
'52, '53, '55, '57, '58, '59, '60, '61, '63.

Ireland V Universities -
3 times:
1952, '53, '54.

Ireland V The Rest -
2 times:
1955, '57.

Ireland V Combined Universities and The Rest
- 1 time:


Christy Ring Quotes

"When you pass a centre back, you're heading straight for goal, but when you come in from the wing, you have the centre forward and corner-back to beat".
On playing wing half-forward (his least favourite position)

"We're the best in everything now".
On winning the County double with Glen Rovers and St. Nicholas in 1954

"What would the President want to see me for?"
On President Hillery wanting to meet him at the first entire production of 'The Hurler':

"If he had not been a Glenman (the playwright), I would have walked out".
On seeing the play, The Hurler:

"The hardest things that you must do in training will serve you well in the game, because you will never have to do them as hard again".
On Hurling:

An inter county player was sounding Ring on what aspects of play various players would be remembered for."What wil I be remembered for?", he asked Ring.
"Nothing", came the reply.

"Keep your eye on the ball, even when it's in the referee's pocket".
Advice to aspiring hurlers:

"In hurling, you hit the ball and it is a goal, or a point, or a wide, and maybe once in a while it comes back to you. In squash, it just keeps coming back".
On Squash

"He'd hit you on the elbow, and paralyse your whole body".
On Rocky Marciano