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The Ballinadee Hurlers
(Air - Paddy McGinty's Goat)

Back Row L to R: "Big" Tom Crowley (Ratharoon),Dan Sweeney (Tullyland), Donal Welsh (Ratharoon), Christy Nolan (Knocknacurra), Jim Sweeney (Tullyland), Robbie Sweetman (Kilmacsimon),Danny Crowley (Horsehill).
Middle Row L to R: John Nolan (Knocknacurra), Charlie Crowley (Rathrout), Bobby Scott (Rathrout), Davy Crowley (Kilneatig), Billy O'Connell (The Forge), Sonny Nolan (Knocknacurra), Micka Murphy (Innishannon).
Front Row L to R: John Sweeney (Tullyland), Liam Manning (Dundaniel), Paddy Galvin (Dromkeen), Bill Sweetman (Kilmacsimon).

Three cheers for Ballinadee, we know they are going to win
Nolan in the centre and Sweeney on the wing.
Nolan passes to Sweeney and Crowley bangs it in,
So three cheers for Ballinadee, we know there going to win.
The Bandon boys came out here full of victory
But I'm telling you they didn't know the boys of Ballinadee.
We beat the Rocky Rovers and thrice we beat Clogagh,
But when they met the Courcey boys 'twas then they got the shock.
Sweetnam as a full back, he'd let nothing in,
Scotty in the centre is worth a dozen men.
They thought they had us cornered that day in Enniskeane,
But Charlie made a great save and all went off serene.
Christy in the centre can double in the air,
Sonny as a forward as lively as a hare.
Sweetnam takes a high one,'tis doubled on by Walsh,
David takes a grand touch,'tis gone into the net.
Some of our supporters are rather over-keen,
They got a bit excited that day in Enniskeane.
When Murphy scored a grand point, the Ref. did not agree,
But the handy boys of Ballinadee blew down the referee.
And now they've won the championship,
with medals they'll be decked,
It surely was a victory, they didn't expect to get,
They are keeping on the hurling and a football team what's more,
So we wish them all the best of luck for 1944.

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::The team of ’45::

Back Row L to R:_______, ________, ________, _________, _______, ________, _______,
John Keohane, Jeremiah Keohane
Front Row L to R:
Jackie O'Donovan, Mick Nolan, Humperery Sullivan, Barry O'Donovan, Gerald O'Donovan, Davy O'Sullivan, ___________

After defeating Drinagh in the final in September 1945
the following was composed by Tom O’Donnell (Light Keeper)

The whistle shrilled, the ball rolled in mid the sound of clashing ash,
And the hurling final had begun with a quick and desperate dash.
A final full of rousing thrills, such as heroes only play
Was witnessed by excited crowds on that September day.

The sod was good for doubling and the boys were sure and quick,
Keeping the pace right through the hour as only they could stick
A 'sickening our opponents as we hurled our way to fame,
And bringing to the fore once more the Ballinspittle name.

Bill Connell 'twixt the sticks was sound; John Maloney hard to beat
While Keohane and Jackie Donovan forever-quilled defeat.
Dan Dempsey and Humphrey Sullivan were the best defenders ever known,
And were ably helped at centre back by the captain, Paddy Bowen.

Mick Nolan and Davie Sullivan at centre field were bricks,
And fed the forwards with the ball who sent between the sticks.
Paddy Griffin and Gerald Donovan wee always there on time
With Derry in the Centre to complete the line.
Inside were Quinn and Collins and no ball they failed to get,
While in full forward Hayes was there to slog the net.

A grueling hour, a battling hour, a game of speed and dash
Such was the game those heroes played, when ash clashed with ash
Emerging worthy victors, realizing Drinagh's fears,
And bringing home the laurels after four and fifty years.

They labored for that honour; they practiced night and noon
That practice made them perfect and it brought the favorites ruin.
To their trainer, brave Jim Regan, a special tribute due,
As he trained his boys in sparkling style as only he could do.

So I must extend to all of you, our congrats and three cheers,
To Jim and all his gallant team whom we hope to have for years.
May they never decline again but battle right along
To win again another year and carry victory
To add another diamond to their throne of fame,
As hurlers, yes real hurlers, 'neath the Ballinspittle name.

Above kindly supplied (from memory) by Mr. Humphrey O’Sullivan, Castlepark.

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Camogie 1999


We're the girls from Courcey Rovers, We've had a mighty year,
Winning 2 16's, Senior B and the PanCeltic from Tralee.
It all started in the winter days, when Raymond kept us on the ball,
The weather was dull and wet, we did much skipping in the hall

The U16's had yet to play, the two finals of '98
So off to Necestown we went to see if we could win this late.
The match was rough Cloughduv were tough, but Courceys never faltered
And when the final whistle went Courceys were mighty victorious.

Then off we went to sweet Tralee, In the heart of County Kerry
To play Pan Celtic Senior B in conditions which were not merry.
The teams had come from far and wide, And the rain it was a pouring
T'would take two days to decide the fate of the Pan Celtic Senior Trophy

Two tough matches saw us through to the semi final stages
And when that was won we then in turn met the Barrs in the final wager
Austin Stack Park was cold and wet on the April Sunday morning
Despite the odds we fought the fight and were the winners of the Pan Celtic Fest
T'was grand to win and we were pleased to bring home this beautiful title
But t'was sweeter still when they declared that Aine was the player of the final

Our next encounter was under 16 but the outcome was never in doubt
T'was the final of the county league, which we once again won out.
At underage we had many great days, from 10 to U16
And Teddy's 14's made it through to the semi final of the County league

But then it was time for the Senior B and Carrigaline was the spot
We met Aghbullogue who put up a fight but Courceys had the better plot
And so to the semi final stage when Valleys were the foe
But once again our girls came through, they won both high and low

Now the long hard wait began, to win the cup we were thirsty,
No one knew when the game would be which us a little crusty.
At long last the day it dawned it was now the month of October,
Preparations were done, the race was run it was time to face the decider

Kilbrittain were the other half of what was to be a mighty encounter,
Neighbours they were and favorites too, but we knew that they might flounder
Mow the match was on and the wind was high and in Kilbrittain's favour
It was hard to know which way it would go would Kilbrittain or Courceys take over?
Raymond had his hands on his head and JJ was looking worried
But when Mary O'Leary found the net the match was completely altered.

The roar from the crowd lifted the team and our fans they were many
From far and near they had come to Support the Courcey Camogie family
At half time things were still in the Balance but Courceys would now have the wind
And the marvellous play of all on the field they soon left Kilbrittain behind.

The second half was now under way and Courceys were going grand
Disaster struck as Noelle went down but Anne had help on hand
Clare Murphy now came into the fray and when the chance came round
She put the ball in the back of the net while the keeper looked astounded

Hillary now was very tense As this match she knew we could win
John was pacing up and down well done well done he said
Kilbrittain now were in disarray as Courceys forged full length
Free taker Rachel never failed And Sarah was a tower of strength

Joanne was fearless in goal, Jennifer and carol were mighty,
Mairead and Cora gave it their all, and Sinead and Mary kept Kilbrittain at bay
Rosemary and Therese were all over the place and Samantha was running like a hair
Aine and Maire were going a great pace and Marion did her fair share

The subs on the bench were urging them on, Noreen and Cathy did cheer,
Gillian and Clare were almost ecstatic and our Ann Marie showed no fear
Pat and Trina we know were sorely missed but we knew they were rooting for us
And Elaine was also very sad that she could not be with us.

Now the match was nearly done and Hilary was weak at the knee
my God she said we've won, we've won, we've won the Senior B
Before the presentation there was yet another surprise,
And Rachel was presented with the player of the final.

And now says Sheila Golden, this cup I will present
To the captain of Courcey Rovers, Carol from Barrells Cross
It was a very proud moment for all the girls we knew
but lets not forget the trainer, selectors and helpers too.
In Ballinspittle and Ballinadee once more, the crowds were out to greet the County Champions,
Welcome back, well done, well done, roared the Courcey Camogie Champions.

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