Courcey Rovers 
Hurling & Football Club
Minutes   1947

Meeting 16th January 1947
(Ballinspittle Hurling and Football club 1947)

Members present: Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Jim O'Regan and good representation of players.

Main business: A discussion on possible amalgamation with Ballinadee following on Secretary's report of casual chat with Ballinadee Secretary. After full discussion it was decided to send three delegates to meet Ballinadee representatives and discuss fully their terms. Following delegates were chosen: 1. Secretary 2. Stephen Nolan 3. Gerald O'Donovan.

Meeting 23 January 1947
(Ballinspittle Hurling and Football club 1947)

All above mentioned members present.
Delegates who met Ballinadee reported successful meeting and full discussion took place on points of agreement:

Meeting approved of same and the following delegates were chosen to meet Ballinadee delegates at school on Sunday 26.1.47.

Suggested try to get permit for lorry transport T. McCarthy.

Meeting Ballinadee and Ballinspittle (26.1.47)

Members present: D Sweetman, D Sweeney, R Scott, J Holland, R Sweetnam: J O'Regan, J Cahalane, P Coughlan, S Collins, G O'Donovan, D O'Sullivan, H. Corcoran.

Purpose to form working committee and gratify points of agreement for amalgamation.

Meeting unanimously agreed on having Jim O'Regan as Chairman of same. Election of officers for new club resulted as follows:

Chairman:: Jim O'Regan proposed by P. Coughlan and seconded by R Sweetnam

Vice Chairman:: H. Corcoran proposed by D. Sweeney and seconded by J. Holland.

Treasurer:: S. Collins, Ass Treasurer:: J. Holland

Secretary:: Davy O'Sullivan, Assistant Secretary:: D Sweeney

Above six together with R Sweetnam and P Coughlan to be working committee.

The following points were approved of:

1. Enter 3 teams in Championship

2. Compete in S.E. Cork League.

3. Venue: Championship matches to be played at Ballinadee and all others at Ballinspittle except when Committee think it to convenience outside clubs.

4. Selection Committee: Jim O'Regan with three reps from each of Ballinspittle and Ballinadee old clubs

5. Name to be "Courcey Rovers"

6. Jersey colours Red and White.

7. J.A.H. Captain Gerald O'Donovan with Micka Murphy vice Captain.

Grade B Football Captain Derry O'Donovan Vice Captain Micka Murphy

Grade B Hurling Captain Ballinadee Vice Captain Ballinspittle.

8. Headquarters Ballinspittle. Meetings to be held monthly on Thursday after Kinsale Fair. February meeting to be held in Hall on 27th at 8.30 p.m. Two secretaries to attend S.E. Cork and S.W. coming division meetings. Secretary to notify each member of committee about meeting when any special business was to be discussed.

9. Hales cup and Nolan cup to be held by Treasurer and Committee of Courcey's to decide their fates.

Secretary to find out the position of Nolan cup after amalgamation.

10. Jim O'Regan to be trainer. Both (old) teams train on their own with a possible combined training at special venue subject to recommendations of trainer and for special occasions.

Proposed to enter S.E. Football championship if failing enter S.W. Grade B.

Secretary to write S.E. Board Secretary and find out re football also mention league.

Funds: Decided to divide spoils (50 - 50) (debt or otherwise) should club ever split.

Decided to do utmost to get dances. Ballinadee to hold occasional dance. Enquire re lorry conveyance.

S O'Riogan 6.3.1947

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