Player Profiles
Player Profiles are on the way and are not to be taken seriously.
You can't take us to court if you don't like the profile you are given as we have no money..
Folks, as the player profiles are very time consuming, if any of ye can send a few in we would be greatfull

Well done to Eoin for being the first person to be named in the player profile page, we need more, so get yer thinking caps in order...

[Eoin Hayes] [Declan (Dipper)Murray] [Vincent Hurley] [ John O'Donoghue] [ John Murphy ] [ Seamus Twomey] [Ken Daly]  

On the field):
Most likely to say:
Greatest/Worst game(
his own view):
Greatest/Worst Game(
public view):
Most likely to do:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Movie: 
Favorite Food:
Better Known for:
What the girls/boys think:
Chat up line in White Lady:
Collar Up/Down:
Condition after 1-3 pints:
Condition after 4-6 pints:
Condition after 7-plus pints:
Other pastimes:
How many minutes late for training/Matches:

Name:: : Eoin Hayes Profile!!!!
Nickname: Red Bull. The Bomber,Blondie,Mr.Jumper...........
Left outside or Bar-Counter.
Favourite Sayings: "
How Bad" or "Leave me alone Vincy will ya!!!!"
"Great" Games:
Scored 1-3 against Killbrittain in a Junior                  CHALLENGE!!!
Bad Games:
ah come on I've only so much time!!!!! But what about that miss against Valleys in Brinny this year!!!!
Girls view:
Its the red hair that does it for the girlies and that small pot
belly!!! Just ask any Bally girls or the Budgie or...........!!!!!
Fav Food:
Red Meat
Fav drink:
Red Bull
Fav Song:
Lady in RED
Fav Bird:
Type of Car:
A RED golf
Jumper Collecting
Jumper knitting
To be Blocky

Name:: : Vincent HurleyVincy’s big mouth lands him in as much trouble with the women as the refs. Some of his antics in the county final would have been more at home in a circus than in Pairc ui Chaoimh. Sledge, Two-stroke s&*%brick, and the aforementioned BigMouth are just some of the names he is also known as. A confidence player, his ability to bring teammates into the game, especially with the big ball, is the stuff of legend!!!