Puc Fada 2000

January 1st 2000, the hardy folks made it out after very late night

Some of the folks for the Long Puc, all with slight hangovers.

This Team was last seen in County Sligo, The Club are hoping that they will be back in time for next years event.

It takes a Scot's Man to lead the way

Donal is waiting for the road to clear, seems to be some confusion about the number of shots. Margaret is looking for more sheets of paper, and there are only around the first corner

Brendan's taking off his jacket, this could only mean one thing.....

The Ditch
(You would think that the Hurling Captain with them would give a few hints)

"Who put that River there", 

 By keeping the fun element to the fore this years Puc Fada was again a great success
Looking forward to January 1st 2001 allready, 


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